Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Women and the Priesthood- Where I STAND!

So, it's only been 4 years since I have posted something on this blog! I began my "Blog Journey" motivated by my friend Landeelu (Tiff) who many of you know. She actually has created a business with hers. Me? Well I wrote 6-7 posts on this and moved to other things...blame it on my ADD-which some of my children have and I am sure my husband and I have some. Needless to say-I have no followers and there may not be many that read this but I still feel the need to write it!

As I have stated before, our family mission statement is one word. STAND. It represents a whole lot in that one word and all of our children know what that means. My desire to write today was to take a STAND and publicly (or not so much, depending on who reads this!) with my feelings about women being ordained to hold the priesthood.

Now, for those of you who may not be members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, let me explain just a bit about the priesthood and what it is. God cannot be everywhere so he has ordained certain men to act in His place. This is the same power Jesus Christ gave to His apostles when He was on the earth. That power fell away as these men died but it was restored again when Joseph Smith brought the fullness of Christ's gospel back to the earth. (If you want to know more about that, visit, talk with our missionaries or me. I am always willing and happy to share what I believe!)

This priesthood power is used for many good things. Just as in the Bible it can be used to heal the sick, perform eternal ordinances-baptize, seal families together forever (not just "till death do we part) and many other things. I have watched my husband and son use the priesthood they have. It has changed them. It has pushed them out of their comfort zone in some cases (which is a good thing). It gives them many opportunities to serve others and to help others in ways they may not have considered. Watching them do this has been a blessing in my life because it softens their hearts and I see that this gift they have been given, helps them to become closer to the Savior-which is what we are all, hopefully striving for. I have literally watched my husbands heart soften (not that it was rock hard-but he is a man!) over the past 20 years as he has used his priesthood to bless our family through priesthood blessings, callings he has served in and in leading our family as a patriarch in our home. Is he perfect? you know anyone who is? I do believe, however, that the Priesthood of God, that has been given to him has strengthened him, softened him, and all around given him opportunities to become an even more amazing person than I married 22 years ago! I am now more than ever before, grateful for the priesthood in our home and for priesthood leaders in my life. As I have served in callings, I have been blessed to watch what they do. As I have served on ward councils, I have seen the countless hours that Bishops put into their wards. I have worked with many great one's and appreciate what they have taught me. For some reason, the time period I learned the most about the priesthood and became even more grateful for it was a few years back when I served as Stake Young Women President. I watched the men around me on the Stake High Council as well as our Stake Presidency members, I watch them now too and have never been more grateful for the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ that we have today and the power they have to lead us and guide us. I know that they receive guidance from God, our Heavenly Father and from a living prophet today, Thomas S. Monson. I also know and understand that I, as a woman, have access to the priesthood anytime I need it.

Having said that, let me explain to you a bit about me and about you-since most of you are probably women reading this. You and I were-in general-born with soft hearts. We have an innate desire to serve, love, nurture and make things better for everyone. God planted that in our hearts. We want to be mothers, we want to help others. That is part of our nature. I have been studying for the past few years about my heart and how I can become a person with a softer heart. I am working on that but as I have studied, it is very clear that in general, women naturally have a heart that wants to love and serve...more so than men.

I guess I may be old fashioned when I say this but since the 80's there has been a strong movement to push women to be "equal" to men. Sometimes I feel we have even surpassed that and believe in some ways we are better than men. Let me state clearly and strongly that God made men and women because we need each other. I believe that "gender is an essential characteristic of individual, premortal, mortal and eternal identity and purpose." (The Family Proclamation To The World) It is important and essential for each of us to know that there are some things all of us can do well and do together but there are clearly some things that women do better than men and some that men do better than women. It seems to me that if you have any sense of self-confidence that would be readily apparent and it is okay.

In this mortal life God gives us what we need. He gives us families, trials, talents, happy times, sad times- all we have comes from Him. He has, at this time given men the ability to learn responsibility and service along with 100+ other things through the gift of the priesthood. That is not something I need right now in my life and I, for one am grateful.

Some of you may read this and completely disagree with this view point. It is mine and I will own it. We are not all the same and that is the point of this post. We do not have to be. So keep your opinion, I will keep mine but I want the world and anyone who reads this to know where I STAND in regards to women being ordained to the Priesthood and to thank a loving Heavenly Father for the priesthood in my life.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Valentines Day???

So do you get judged by your good intentions??? I REALLY wanted to get Christmas cards out this year but alas...I did not. Then I thought New Years-perfect! Well it is December 31st and so far-no New Years cards. My good friend Tiff suggested Valentines Day cards. Love the idea and I have great intentions to take that family picture, have Taylor write a fun, creative update and send it off. We shall see...

On a lighter note-just finished looking at Tiff's blog on MAUI! I so appreciate having friends who blog on a regular basis. I believe I will just copy and paste her MAUI blog into mine because I would have said everything she did...and I am ready to go back. Next Anderson? Weeyum trip...???? Looking into that as we speak!

Can't believe it is the New Year tomorrow! Feeling like time is passing faster than the speed of light. When I looked at Taylors graduation year from HS 10 years ago, it seemed to be so far away and here we are! I am excited for the many opportunities of growth that 2011 will bring for me and our family. It is going to be a great year. I can feel it already!

So, I will miss another night-it has been many years (sad but true) to be with most of our children and Cal ringing in the New Year but if I can't be with them my second choice would be to hang with the youth and that is exactly where I will be! Should be a fun dance tonight!

I'm rambling-as usual but got some thoughts down! Next up-famliy list of fun things to do and accomplish in 2011! See you back here-after FHE on Monday!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So I was talking to Cal the other day. We were discussing the end of the Diet Pepsi drinking at our house. He said when it is gone (the Pepsi storage-no seriously- we have it in our food storage!) that he would be done. I have started to buy caffine free Pepsi and am feelin' good about that. Cal asked what the point of drinking it was if it did not have caffine? My response-it tastes good! I will still drink it- and just in case you are wondering-Loaf and Jug-just down the road has Caffine Free and it is really yummy from the fountain! Sad-my vices in life.

Last weekend was my 25th High School Reunion. My best friend from HS sent me a photo fo a few good friends. They all looked fabulous. Funny what age does to women. Most of the women I knao have become MORE beautiful with age. Take my mother for example. She is gorgeous and no one would be able to guess her age by looking at her. Hope I have those genes.

THe 2 older girls and I are on a "diet"-well not really a diet-it is a change in our eating habits. When we are not active in sports or regular exersise we have discovered that we cannot eat half a pan of brownies in one sitting. Sad but true! It has been good for us and has gotten us in the habit of reading labels and counting calories-not in a paranoid way-just learning to eat healthier. Syd is also taking a great nutrition class that has added to our vast amounts of knowledge in learning to be healthy.

Last but not least-need to get those Christmas cards going. I am thinking that we just need to take a casual picture inside by the Christmas Tree and get them sent. We will need to do family ohotos this summer before Taylor leaves for college. She is working on applications and I believe finished up the essays last night. Wow! tHAt is huge. I am proud of her hard work and am excited for the opportunities ahead!

That's it for today! The Church is true!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Enjoy every minute!

I cannot believe that this year has flown by so quickly and that yesterday I was changing 4th of July Decor. to Fall Decor! With school starting, it has hit me that these are the "lasts" with Taylor at home all the time. This will be our last Halloween with her home. I have such mixed emotions. She is so prepared and ready in so many ways for college and the responsibilities of life on her own, but I don't know that I am ready to let her go!
As Cal and I talk about the changes that will be happening in our home over the next few years, I must say how grateful I am that I will be facing these with him. He is such a strength to me. As a full time Mom for -almost 18 years, I am struggling with the fact that in two+  years I will have 2 of my favorite people not living with me! That is a hard pill for me to swallow. Especially when I adore them as much as I do. They make me laugh and they make me cry. My life is so fulfilled because of my family.
Each week I am trying to take it slower, speak more kindly, hug more often, teach more small and simple lessons...I never want to have regrets. I remember over and over when I had 3-4 and 5 little kids, people would say "it goes by too fast-enjoy every minute". Well, I believe I have. Yes, there has been frustration and sadness, but I truly LOVE being a Mom to these kids! I have learned that it is not always important to be places on time. When your children need a hug or a conversation-that needs to come first. Those times are the ones I treasure. I love being in the kitchen after school baking or canning-something about that draws them in and they will sit and talk for hours. The lessons they have taught me are unforgettable. They come programmed to do great things and we just need to  help them channel their thought and ideas and then jump out of their way!
So now I  can say-to anyone who cares to listen-"enjoy every minute beacuse it goes by way too fast"!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break!

The past few weeks have been great. I have spent a lot of time with my sister, Lindsay-who is doing so well and has been so blessed. We also spent several days with the Shupe's and St. Claire's. I feel so blessed to have such and incredible family. We live out here with Ry and Tam, who is the best sister in law EVER! We have Tawna and Mike just a block away and Mom, Dad and Grandma within 7 minutes. I TRULY hope that Cal and I can create the same bonds of love that exsist in my family. It truly is one of my life's greatest blessings.

I was so happy Cal was able to go with us to Utah. It was fun to have hime with us as he usually is not able to make it because of work. He is amazing-such a great guy! The kids were good and seemed to have a lot of fun. They were able to BUNGEE JUMP on a tramp, go on a hike in the canyons and EAT good food! It was a fun part of Spring Break. All is well in the Williams least for this minute!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Those Precious Moments...

So here was Abbie's letter to me yesterday during church. "Dear MOM You are the Best mom. You Make me happy I Love You so much. Some Time I Throw Tachrims (tantrums) But I pray aftr. To: Mom Love: Abbie (written as she wrote it) What more can a Mom ask for? (except for a little respect every now and then)
Was able to be with my girls yesterday in YW. Loved it and it just reinforced how much I miss it. Honestly, ward conference at my own ward was a bit awkward and hard. I felt like I could not speak and that everything I said was just not coming out the way it usually does at a ward conference. I am sure it was partly because of the fact that Linds and Mat left yesterday for Baltimore. It was just a tough, emotional day.
I read D&C 84:88 yesterday about 10 times and gave it to Lids as they left. I know that this time for them will be hard but hope that together they will have some precious, unforgettable moments as well. They are amazingly strong.
It will be a week of watching and listening as we see the hand of the Lord in the life of our family.I already feel the angels coming to attend!
If I can just be like Abbi and pray after I throw tantrums...all will be well.


Monday, February 8, 2010


So this last week we celebrated three birthdays in our family...Mom Thiess, Kenner-10-double digits (!) and Abigayle-7! It was a busy and fun week. Kenner decided on his birthday he wanted to take the day off from school. He stayed home with us but unfortunately Cal had a ton of con-calls and I had a previously scheduled presidency meeting. We went to breakfast at Great Beginnings-just the three of us. Then we came back and had a morning of meetings. Kenner was patient and played with Legos, watched a little Bear Grills. Then I took him to get some tater tots and a shake. Yes, it is all about the food here at the Williams home! That night we made his birthday request-Salmon and rice with a nice salad. We were all happy he chose that!  Thursday we were able to watch a friends kids-Audrey and Isaac. It was so much fun but I do believe the dog was a little jealous of all the attention the baby was getting! Last Sunday we celebrated with everyone because the Shupe's were here. It was a fun evening.
Yesterday was Abbie's 7th birthday. Being Sunday and the Superbowl, she shared her day a little with the Lord and the Colts and Saints. She chose Spaghetti for her birthday dinner so that is what we had, along with chocolate cake and cookies and creanm ice cream. I think overall, the week was good for everyone.
Still LOVE the dog. He is so sweet.
House will always need to be cleaned but I try a little every day.
Calling still a little rough-I just feel very removed and don't feel like I am making a difference in anyone's life but...still trying and doing my best.
Cal has traveled but not a ton the past two weeks.
Heading out to Utah for Jill Catt's wedding (one of my former young women) on Wednesday. Yippee! I love it when they reach the temple stage!
I am thankful this week to have celebrated the birthdays of three people I love very much and glad that we are able to go through life together. Love you Abigayle, Kenner and Mom!